Original photo of Paul


Final painting of Paul

This acrylic A2 portrait of my Dad took ten days to complete and is the first person I had painted in a few months. This is very different to how I have painted people in the past as my older paintings often had elements of surrealism in them. I really embraced learning and developing my skills to produce this piece because of its size and attention to detail. My favourite part of any portrait, whether it be animal or human, is always the eyes. However, I feel that I really took the detail of his eyes to the next level. My attention mainly went into: the colour of the iris, the small hairs of the eyelashes and eyebrows, and the shading and pencil work in the creases around the eye. I also particularly like how the forehead turned out, adding in small pencil marks to create indents into the slight frown. I used Derwent Academy Pencils to ensure an final details were complete.