Original photo of Blaze

Blaze dog portrait

Final painting of Blaze

This A3 oil painting of Blaze took two weeks to complete. The composition of this picture really enticed me, and challenged my usual perspective on painting portraits due to the angle of Blaze’s head. The apricot hues which make up the majority of the fur blended so seamlessly, which made me excited to paint the movement of the hair on his chest. I am really enjoying using something other than the face to be the focal point of the painting, for example the hair on his chest and ear, as I have tried to create the feeling of the wind within the portrait. I decided to blend the grass and sky together to create a blurred effect in the background, bringing Blaze into focus in the foreground. Towards the end of the two weeks I added a subtle hint of grass below his feet and lower body as I felt that the bottom of the painting was lacking detail, which I feel tied the whole piece together.