About Holly

Holly Eaton

My art takes its inspiration from people. I am fascinated by different cultures, expressions, movement and how light can affect mood. Faces are a particular interest to me, I love experimenting with different skin tones, eye colour and hair movement. I enjoy taking photos and stylising them to recreate a more unique image-picking out features and bringing them to life. I feel that you can tell what a person is feeling through their eyes, if I can’t recreate them the painting doesn’t work.

I enjoy painting large scale portraits, experimenting with graphics to enhance features; the technique I have developed over time is to test out colours directly onto the photograph to form a colour match. I mainly use acrylic paint, complemented by water-colour pencils and brush pens.

I have studied artists such as Lionel Smit, Hanjo Schmidt, Lucian Freud, Harding Mayor and Fred Hatt to support my current art a level project. I have taken inspiration from all of them to explore the idea of self-acceptance. Self acceptance and body image has never been so relevant, I have been able to delve deep into this controversial topic, creating some interesting pieces.

Painting styles acrylic
painting style eyes
painting style grey
painting style angle
Jack in a room painting on a wall

Pet Portraits

Over the last 18 months I have primarily moved onto painting with oils, as I find it allows me greater control of blending and detail which in turn creates more photo realistic paintings. 


United Kingdom

Painting Prices

A4  -  £140 per board / canvas
A3  -  £180 per board / canvas
A2  -  £250 per board / canvas

Please note delivery charged extra depending on location.

Signed Print Prices

A4  -  £35 each + delivery
A3  -  £50 each + delivery
A2  -  £65 each + delivery
A1  -  £85 each + delivery

Signed prints available from the paintings produced.


If you do not have suitable images a photoshoot can be arranged for an additional cost

Prices from £35 depending on location & time